To Catch A Crook page 24


… and that concludes the third issue/chapter/quarter of our tale.

If you’ve followed us this far, you’ll definitely want to stick around for the concluding chapter – “The Trouble With Rex”. Everything since the bank job has led to this fateful night. Lives will collide, and not all will survive!

The payoff you desire is on its way… but first we are going to be taking a short break, both to get ahead on pages and to enjoy a little of the holiday season. We will be back to our usual weekly updates before you know it. Stay tuned…


thanks to a new laptop, Flipboard,and io9, I just discovered this site. I’ve just read every page from the beginning, and I an hooked! Looking forward to more…

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words. Your timing couldn’t be better, as we return for our final chapter next week (title page, first story page on the 27th).

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