The Trouble With Rex page 13


Following today’s update, the Propeller crew will be taking a couple of weeks away to concentrate on housemoving, family, and spending a little time doing our real life jobs (the ones that pay the bills). We feel that this short break is the best way to maintain the high quality of the comic (By which we mean the art. The writing has always been dubious at best) without burning out any of the creators. We’ll be back with the last few pages shortly.

We appreciate your patience.


Any plans to release each chapter as a separate volume? Hard copies? I’d buy them.

We’re sticking with digital for the time being. Once the webcomic wraps, we’ll hopefully be making the four issues available as individual digital issues, all in glorious HD and with something a bit special planned for Dial P in particular. (Since we started the comic a little something called Comixology Submit has become available for creators with quality material, which I would say includes us, so maybe…)

Never say never though, as I personally would love to see print versions of the comic one day, and I’m open to any developments so long as they don’t cripple me financially.

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