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Just as Bruce Wayne wandered the Earth finding experts in a variety of fields to help him be a better crimefighter, so I have wandered the Internet finding experts in producing gorgeous art to help me be a better webcomicker.

I have lined up some genuinely impressive artists to give us their unique takes on the Propeller universe. And starting this Friday (1st February) you can enjoy the benefits of our efforts simply by voting here (it’s free, anonymous and takes less than a minute).

I will post a reminder on Facebook once the first picture is up. For those of you not already liking us on that most social of networks, please remedy your oversight immediately by clicking here and hitting “Like”.

And for those who like to be teased, here is a hint at the beautiful insanity of the first picture:

Incentive sneak peek


I want to hear it also…plus I hope to see an answer to this question soon, “Why does Rex fear the Feds, and thinks they will operate on him?” I thought he used some type of wristband tech with himself as the anchor point?

Rex only mentioned that he was worried about being locked up. He meant by the police. It was Hudson who brought up the idea of being operated on, possibly because (on some level) he is worried about what long term exposure to that technology might be doing to his friend… or possibly because he has an overactive imagination.

Propeller is one of the webcomics I’ve been meaning to read and I used my lunch break today to get caught up on it. I have to tell you, it did not disappoint! Really excited to continue following the adventures (or perhaps misadventures) of Rex and Hud!

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