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A couple of hours ago, I “upgraded” my WordPress Webcomic plugin from version 3 to version 4. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it did not go well. As in, there’s a blank screen where my website should be! And apparently I am not alone in having issues with the transition.

Anyway, after much tinkering (and pulling out of hair), I am now running version 3 again and I appear to have lost none of the comic’s pages or, more importantly, your comments. If you are reading this, it would seem the blank screen issue is also resolved. I would appreciate if anyone noticing any problems with the site could please let me know.

The moral of this story is “If it ain’t broke, stay the Hell away from Webcomic 4!” The ComicPress plugin is looking like a missed opportunity right about now.


WordPress rule of thumb: Don’t upgrade until you’re hacked.

WordPress has never given me any problems, except when I went poking around in the coding uninvited. It’s the guy/s behind the Webcomic plugin who have frustrated me – by still advising users like me to “upgrade” to version 4, despite not adequately dealing with the reports of crashed sites that (I see now) started coming in 3 months ago!
So annoyed… but LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in Fall 2013 will make everything better!

Yeah Lego Marvel .yes that will be cool .What characters will you play ?

Currently working my way through LEGO Lord of the Rings and loving that fact that Legolas has a bow… so maybe Hawkeye. Although I suspect playing as a bigger-than-all-the-others Hulk will prove to be a highlight. Then there’s Spider-Man, and pretty much all the X-Men…

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