The Cop Who Knew Too Much page 24


And with Rex’s call to arms still ringing in our ears, we bid farewell to this chapter. Part three of our four-part tale will follow… soon. But first we will be taking a brief mid-season break to allow Alberto to catch his breath and to get ahead on pages. This should allow for an unbroken run through the next chapter, which will commence on June 11th. Between now and then, I will be posting an update or two to the site and I will be keeping a close eye on the comments so fear not, nobody will be left here entirely alone.

To those of you who do occasionally leave comments, either here or on Facebook, please accept my sincerest thanks. Yours are the voices that remind us our audience consists of actual people rather than just the anonymous void of the Internet. To a band of comickers trying to reach people with our story, those little reminders mean so much.

To the silent majority, thank you for reading. We hope you’re enjoying the comic so far.

See you all very soon for revelations, intrigue and more than a little superpowered suspense…


I will miss you all! I’ll be looking on FB and I wonder what Rex’s plan is….

Thanks for the kind words. We’ll be back with more story before you know it. And we pretty much jump straight into Rex’s anti-blackmail masterplan.

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