The Cop Who Knew Too Much page 23


Next week brings the last page of this Chapter, after which we will be taking a short hiatus. You could even call it a mid-season break because we will, at that point, be halfway through our story. More details to follow next week, but please know that the break is neccessary for us to get back a decent buffer of pages and ensure that once Chapter 3 starts, it will proceed uninterrupted.

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Well, judging by the lovely Art-Deco logo, I’m guessing this is the building for The Herald. Hmm, what’re you up to, Rex?

…wait, is there no button for the ground floor? I guess that’s one way to make you take the stairs, at least for one floor one direction.

The missing buttons have been removed for essential maintenance.

No, but honestly, good eye! I should have spotted this myself but I was clearly distracted by Rex’s imposing crotch in the next panel.

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