The Cop Who Knew Too Much page 2


We have a lot of new readers joining us this week, thanks to a glowing recommendation from the delightful Lauren Davis at io9 and another from the equally lovely Tim at I Heart Chaos. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to those guys and “welcome” to all the new Propellerettes. I hope your stay here will be lengthy and satisfying.

Now anybody thinking I might be content with this new, enlarged readership would be sorely mistaken. Every reader – newbie or veteran – who is enjoying the comic should pick up the phone, send an email, tweet, blog or lean out of a window and tell someone  about Propeller right now. Why? Because in the coming weeks and months, as this twisted tale unfolds and reveals its dark secrets, you will absolutely need to know someone else who is reading along, if only so you can confirm with another rational mind that “yes, that did just happen!”


I like the subtle art-deco-like design on the end of the desk; nice touch.

Apparently Alan Moore writes page after page of detailed description for every panel, so that his comics are populated with nice little touches like that one.
Alan Moore doesn’t write this comic though, and so the delightful details in our pages are almost exclusively down to Alberto.

I am here because , stumble upon an article on io9 and enjoy what i see.I hope you continue your work and happy new year and merry christmas

A belated “Merry Christmas” to you, and an early “Happy New Year”. Our Very Important Work here will continue with our New Year’s Day update… and what better way to welcome the new year (the first after the Mayan apocalypse) than with the next page of our thrilling webcomic?

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