The Cop Who Knew Too Much page 16


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Judging from your kitchen and attire, Mr. Blackmailer, you’re not possessed of an overabundance of taste yourself.

Also, forgive me for being dense, but I don’t quite understand what’s happening in the last panel. Is Rex dashing forward? Are we seeing what he could be doing at that moment instead?

Not dense at all. I can tell you that all will become clear in a few pages, although you are not a million miles away in some of your current thinking.

And good taste often requires money to back it up. I will concede that “Mr Blackmailer” is pretty lazy and/or untidy though.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to finding out!

It was the untidiness I was referring to. It’s not really that bad, but when you’re lecturing someone on taste, especially while you’re blackmailing them (which is always distasteful, you put yourself in a glass house. ;)

Hmm. we really do not know the extent of Rex’s powers…do we? I wonder if Rex does yet either…

I think we will be seeing some cool and interesting things in the powers arena very soon…tyvm!

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