The Cop Who Knew Too Much page 14



Now you don’t have to! Simply cast your vote for Propeller here and your reward will be an advance look at next week’s page. If enough of you like the idea of reading a week ahead, we’ll make it a regular thing. (Hey, it worked for Lost and Hollyoaks on E4).

Please remember, not everyone reading the comments for this page will have seen next week’s page yet. So, while I encourage discussion about the concept of the sneak peek, please go easy on the spoilers. You’ll have to come back next week to post your comments about story developments on the appropriate page.

Also, many of you may have missed out on the wonderful bonus artwork that served as vote incentives for the past month. Well, if enough of you make your feelings known now, either by email or by leaving a comment, I’ll post the whole collection for all to see. Otherwise, I’ll be saving them for the eventual print edition.

Now is the time to make yourselves heard.

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mate post as a bonus gallery somewhere here in the site .They are awesome .Plus you are moving forward of with the voting ideas :)

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