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We want to be one of the popular webcomics! So for this week’s incentive, artist Steve Howard has given Propeller a makeover that should broaden our appeal considerably. Click here right now to see this insane picture in its entirety. But don’t delay – next week this piece will be gone from the link and replaced by the twisted vision of another awesome artist (though maybe not quite so twisted).

For those who have already clicked through, go have another look. Views equal votes, and all votes are greatly appreciated.


I don’t anything in the viewer of the Camera in Question…except a statue / spire…oh well..! I can vote 3x per day and have and will post on FB! tyvm for the story-goodness! Weee oh Rex, you seem to only have a few who love/like you..YOU HAVE GOT TO WORK OUT A WAY TO PROTECT THEM!!!
Or…you fall, oh you’ll have your tech, your monies…but nothing else.

Yeah….. I regret voting. Gross, but funny extra.

How many votes do you need to climb onto the top 100 list?

Loads. But it all resets on the 1st of each month so nobody stop voting! In fact, vote more. Especially in the first few days of the month.

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