Dial P For Power title page


This is the first of four title pages, one for each chapter of our Propeller story.

All four were designed by the amazing Rodolfo Reyes, following a brief of “imitate the Hell out of Saul Bass”.

Rodolfo has been an absolute pleasure to work with, generous with his time and his talents, and a vital cog in the Propeller machine. As an example of this, Rodolfo also provided the Propeller logo and the header that sits atop this very page.


Would like to talk about the possibility of running a reprint of propeller in my web-magazine.
If your think you might be interested to talk about this, please email me.
Kim Chamberlain (male)

We’re spreading the news about this very clever web-comic on our Comic Reviews Outside The Cube. You guys are doing a great job.

Thank you so much. All readers are welcome, but those who wish to bring others with them are our favourites! Glad you are enjoying it.