Dial P For Power page 8


As far as superpowers go, push teleportation wouldn’t be a bad one to have. Not as good as invisibility or flight, maybe, but definitely better than having the power to communicate with fish.


No love for poor Aquaman…

I tried so hard to think of a worse superpower, but I kept coming back to that Family Guy sketch where the woman is being attacked on the beach and Aquaman can’t do anything to help.
I feel less bad because my Aqua-bashing is more than offset by Geoff Johns and his determined efforts to make Aquaman cool.

I just found your comic and I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’m a fan of all the shadow effects with the lighting especially.
I’m also impressed with the push teleportation. It comes from a source that could have a lot of backstory popping out to ruin the heroes day and the power itself is versatile. Depending on the situation the change in his pockets could be a viable weapon as long as no one takes out those bracelets.
Looking forward for your next update!

Glad you approve. I must admit that Rex’s superpower started out as a bit of a MacGuffin. However, as soon as I settled on exactly what that superpower would be (and how it could be used) then everything, including the title, just fell into place.

Great page. I was curious. With all the talk about power sets, it got
Me thinking about character development. Will Rex’ powers somehow reflect his growth as a person?

Thanks Chad. I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that you shouldn’t necessarily expect the typical superhero character arc from Rex.

As a (very recent) comic artist myself, I know it takes a lot of work… and I dig!!

Thank you for digging! I am not an artist myself (I really wish I’d put the hours into improving my drawing that I happily wasted on Super Mario Kart and Goldeneye) but I know that it can be a hard and often thankless life. The trick is to keep practising and remember that it’s something amazing you are working towards.. something the likes of me will always envy and admire.

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