Dial P For Power page 22


You didn’t really think he’d catch him, did you?


Nope. Actually, I thought he was the guy with the briefcase in panel 1, and was impressed at the quick costume change. Then I went back and forth a few times between panels 1 and 5, and realized I had to be mistaken.

The moral is… if you want to be a successful villain, it helps if you look average. If you can do your intimidating in a building where your doppelganger hangs out, even better!

FYI, the comments feed for this page specifically is actually a duplicate of the comic update feed (presumably it’s the same for the other page-specific comment feeds). The all-inclusive comments feed does work properly, at least.

You’ve exposed one of my many weaknesses here, Seth. I can only respond to your thoughtful comment with a “huh?” and a promise that I will do some reading on the subject of feeds over the next few days. If it’s an easy fix, it will be fixed. I hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience in the meantime.

Not a big problem; just a bit weird, considering that WordPress is supposed to take care of this for you. I just tried to debug it myself, and it’s not the simple copy/paste error I had hoped it might be. I’m not seeing the cause of the problem anywhere. It’s probably in your index.php script, which I can’t access.

I’m reluctant to go tampering with the code, as I managed to crash the site once whilst trying to make the gravatars look pretty. It taught me that some things – while annoying – just aren’t worth the risk of wrecking everything.
Wordpress is alright as a website base, especially for noobs like me, but this is not the first time something hasn’t worked as expected.
Thank you for all your efforts to fix my buggy little site. I’m just sorry it doesn’t work the way you would like. If I ever do another webcomic, I might hire someone to build everything from scratch.

Who is that villain modeled after? He looks like an old film actor from the 50′s. I wish I could remember his name.

My input to the design process was to name the character “Fat Man”. Alberto is a bit more thorough with his research and takes his job more seriously, so he may well have used an actor as a reference.

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