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Ricardo Mo joins the Twitterverse

  Click here and follow me on Twitter Anyone who wants the first word on my future comic projects (including the future of Propeller) would be well advised to head over to Twitter and follow me. See my highs and lows first-hand. Witness my fumbling attempts at “networking”. And I may even deliberately amuse you once in a while. Michael

Rex And Hudson By Guest Artists

  As part of an ill-fated attempt to promote Propeller, I commissioned artwork from some of my favourite artists. The idea was for these images to display a lighter, more humorous side to our main characters that you are unlikely to see in the pages of the usually-pretty-serious comic. In each and every case, the artists delivered above and beyond

What If… Alfred Hitchcock Had Made Superhero Movies?

  To celebrate Alberto Muriel taking over as the regular artist on Propeller, we’ve decided to give our readers a little something extra. Given the huge influence of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies on our own “Superpowered Suspense Story”, we thought it would be interesting to reimagine some iconic Hitchcock moments with a super twist. So without further ado, Cinema Propeller presents